Easy Health Scan
Easy Health Scan is a HIPAA compliant SaaS solution that provides medical practitioners the ability to collect patient surveys in a secure online manner. Paper surveys are no longer needed. From the privacy of their own phone or tablet, patients can complete their surveys and submit them directly to medical practitioners.


Generate Revenue From Your Waiting Room

Medicare and other private insurers will pay for patient surveys that collect information on key issues like alcohol abuse, smoking cessation, drug use, and other public health measures


One example is the HCPCS G0442: Annual Alcohol Misuse Screening

Average Value of Claim: $18.25 per patient survey
Patient can take this survey once a year

What We Do

Easy Health Scan is an online tool that automates the survey taking and submitting process. With a simple QR code scan, patients can now fill out and submit surveys that insurance companies will reimburse your practice for. It's as simple as having patients scan the code, fill out the survey on their smartphone devices, and letting Easy Health Scan do the rest.

  • Revenue generator
  • No upfront costs
  • No equipment or devices needed
  • Helpful data for value-based care & population health programs
  • Easy submittal through QR code
  • HIPAA Compliant

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